Downtown Ozark Improvement Project

Downtown Ozark Awnings

An improvement that could change the face of downtown Ozark is getting some negative reactions.

The idea of replacing awnings is not welcome by some residents and store owners.

It’s a project that some say could cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, tearing down the aluminum awning and replacing them with canopies.

Those arguing against it say the money that would be spent on this project is desperately needed elsewhere.

But those who are open to the idea are looking at the project as an investment, bringing people into the city to help build Ozark’s economy.

Although the city council thinks this project needs to be done, store owners and some who live here say the awning actually builds character.

Residents and store owners agree that the aluminum awnings in place now also provide good lighting and full shelter over sidewalks, features they're afraid canopies will not include.

They’ve already got a petition signed by dozens of other business owners and Ozark residents who are opposed.

The City of Ozark is applying for a $25,000 grant, and if they are awarded the money, they will put $5,000 of the city's dollars with it.