ATV Theft Rising

Thieves survey rural area for ATVs

Stolen all terrain vehicles -- it’s not a new problem, but lately it's become a big problem.

Twelve ATV’s have been stolen in Houston County, four of that number was just last week.

Houston County Commander Don McMullen says the burglaries usually take place in the county's rural areas.

ATV’s have become a main mode of transportation for hunters and as a tool for farmers as they survey their crops.

Meanwhile, thieves are surveying areas, looking for these machines that can cost as much as $9,000. Unless it’s insured, an owner can lose a lot more than an ATV.

But the states Power Sport Dealer Association is trying to push for legislation that could keep thefts down.

They would like legislation to title the units or off road machines and this would help trace the true owners.

But until then, Houston County says they have their own tracking system. Officials say they have stepped up their patrol and that it isn’t that easy to take one of these ATVs as they can weigh up to 700 pounds.

They also say this isn't only a problem in Houston County, it's a problem that's affecting the entire Wiregrass.