Katrina Response

Hurricane Relief
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Highlights of the federal government's response to Hurricane

  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency, the nation's disaster-relief agency, has provided medical assistance, search and rescue and support teams, supplies and equipment to the hurricane area.

  • The Coast Guard has rescued or assisted more than one-thousand-250 people. It has recalled more than 500 reservists to help relief efforts and activated three national strike teams to help in removal of hazardous materials.

  • The National Guard is providing support to civil authorities, providing generators, medical assistance and shelters and augmenting civilian law enforcement.

  • The Defense Department has established Joint Task Force Katrina, based in Camp Shelby, Mississippi, to act as the military's on-scene command in support of FEMA. It will provide rescue teams and medical evacuation units, a hospital ship and disaster-response equipment.

  • The Health and Human Services Department has sent hospital beds and public health officers. It is helping to coordinate hospitalization efforts and is providing medical supplies.

  • Centers for Disease Control experts are working with Louisiana state officials to implement a mosquito-abatement program.

  • The Transportation Department is helping with damage assessments and is supporting detour planning and critical transportation system repairs.

  • The Agriculture Department is providing food and assisting in setting up logistics staging areas, the distribution of food products and debris removal.

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is providing
    technical assistance to recovery workers and utility employers engaged in power restoration. In addition, OSHA is contacting major
    power companies to the affected areas to provide safety briefings
    to employees at power-restoration staging areas and informing workers about hazards related to restoration and cleanup.

  • The Internal Revenue Service has announced special relief for taxpayers in the disaster area.

  • The Small Business Administration will position loan officers in federal and state disaster recovery centers.

  • The American Red Cross is providing a safe haven for nearly 46-thousand evacuees in more than 230 Red Cross shelters. It is also providing relief workers.