From Superdome to Astrodome

Hurricane Katrina Evacuees
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Next stop, the Houston Astrodome.

According to an official in Houston, that's where bus convoys will begin moving at least 25,000 Hurricane Katrina refugees from New Orleans, many of whom are currently holed up in the crippled Louisiana Superdome. That facility has no air conditioning and has broken toilet facilities.

Officials in Harris County, Texas, say the initial planning has been under way since early today. The 40-year-old Astrodome hasn't been used as a sports venue in years.

Rusty Cornelius is administrative coordinator for the Harris County Office of Homeland Security in Houston. He tells The Associated Press that specifics of the transport and housing are still being worked out with the Red Cross and state government officials. It's about a 350-mile trip.

Rising floodwaters in New Orleans prompted Governor Kathleen Blanco to order the Superdome and the city abandoned.