Bush Speaks On CIA Leak

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President Bush is now saying that anyone on his staff who committed a crime in the CIA leak case will "no longer work" in his administration.

In the past, Bush has said that anyone involved in leaking the name of agent Valerie Plame would be fired. But ever since the revelation that top Bush adviser Karl Rove talked with reporters about Plame before her name was made public, Bush and his spokesman have refused to comment -- citing the ongoing investigation.

Bush still won't comment on Rove's possible involvement in the leak. He says there's a "serious investigation" going on -- and that everyone should wait until it's over before reaching any conclusions.

The president spoke at an East Room news conference with the visiting prime minister of India.

Yesterday, Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper said the first time he heard that the wife of Bush administration critic Joseph Wilson worked for the CIA was in a phone call with Rove.