Hayes Sentenced

Grady Ladon Hayes Sentenced

A Dale County man charged with murder has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Grady Ladon Hayes killed a Union Springs man last year when he rammed his truck into a nightclub in Newton.

Investigators said Hayes drove his vehicle into the Toy Box Too Club after he was kicked out for fighting earlier that night.

The manager of the club, 51-year-old Charles May died later at a hospital.

The victim's family did not want to go on camera, but their attorney did talk to us.

The attorney says alcohol was a factor, but Hayes did not have a prior criminal record. He says "I feel that justice was done. The family is satisfied and I hope Mr. Hayes will come out a better person, but again it doesn't change the fact that his actions caused a death and he has to pay the consequences for that."

Hayes was taken to the Dale County Jail Thursday. He will have to complete an anger management program before he is released.