Murder Charges

A Geneva man has been charged with three counts of murder stemming from a two-vehicle wreck over the weekend.

The wreck resulted in three deaths, two of them children.

The two vehicle wreck between the Ford Aerostar Van and a Chevy Pickup Truck occurred at the intersection of Round About Road and Geneva County Road 43.

Of the eight persons in the van, three would be pronounced dead at the scene. They included three-year-old Kayla Baker, four-year-old David Eric Gilley and 23-year-old Beverly Lynn Bedsole. Mrs. Bedsole was also pregnant.

The van's driver, 30-year-old David Alton Gilley, is charged with three-counts of murder. Authorities say his careless disregard led to the tragedy.

Officials say after investigating all aspects of the wreck, all indications point to Mr. Gilley as being responsible for the accident.

Jimmy Ward lives along Geneva County Road 43 a few miles from where the tragedy occurred, he says “they come flying down this road like it's the Daytona 500, they even go through the stop sign.”

Local sheriff officials wish they could do more in regard to traffic control but, they just don't have the personnel to be everywhere at all times.

Two other people involved in the accident remain hospitalized, one is still listed in critical condition.

Authorities say since Beverly Bedsole was pregnant, Gilley could face an additional charge of murder for the unborn child.