Dothan Industries Need Space

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Dothan area leaders are looking to bringing in new industries, but there's one problem: the city is running out of room.

Dothan's Industrial Park on Industrial Road is just one of Dothan’s industrial parks that is full, or has very little room for a major industry.

Right now, area leaders say if an industry wanted to move to Dothan and needed just 250 acres, there is not a piece of land readily available.

"I think that's at the level we're trying to think at; a higher level than we've been. We can always go and try to find another 100, 200, 300 acres of property and parcel it out, but it would really be nice to have a large site to really market for a bigger project to put us in the game," says President of the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, Matt Parker.

In total, Dothan has around eight industrial parks.

Those eight are either full, specialized, or have very little room.

However, Parker says it takes a little more than just finding land to have a spot for industry.

"You want to have it where you have the kind of soils, the kind of infrastructure, and the kind of access points in a location that's well planned and does not encroach upon residential areas. Companies don't want to be in the backyard of a residential area. They're very sensitive to that," says Parker.

Still, leaders are working to form alliances with surrounding areas, and surrounding counties to share the profits, share the land, and share what could be a major industry for Southeast Alabama.

There are still sites available for distribution, and specialized industries such as aviation.