Dollar Cars

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Getting a police car for $1 sounds like a great deal, but the state's bid law might throw a monkey wrench in the deal.

Government Acquisitions, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is promoting the cars. It is soliciting advertisers to sponsor the cars, which will be provided to police, fire and emergency agencies for a buck. The sponsors will have ads on the hood and trunk.

Kimberly Police Chief Kim Emerson said his department is interested, and so are others in Alabama. But so far, no one has obtained a vehicle.

About 100 small communities around the country are in talks with Government Acquisitions about the offer.

Company president Ken Allison said his firm does not have cars ready to deliver and is still holding talks with advertisers. He would not name the advertisers.

Kimberly's mayor, Sammie Maze had asked the state attorney general whether there was a law against advertising on police cars. The attorney general replied that there is no such law.

Law enforcement agencies that have expressed interest in the offer include Dadeville, Ozark, Albertville, Boaz, Sardis, Mountainboro, and DeKalb County.