Florida State Trooper Injured in I-10 Wreck

A Florida state trooper is recovering from injuries he sustained in an early morning accident on Interstate 10 near Chipley.

Florida Trooper Milton Brown is a lucky man after a tractor trailer collided with his vehicle at a high rate of speed. Most of the truck ended up in a swamp, 50 yards away.

A mangled state trooper car and a damaged contractor’s truck; an 18-wheeler lodged four feet deep in a nearby swamp; reports of a possible fatality; but, smiles on faces, because amazingly enough, Trooper Milton Brown, lovingly referred to as ‘Bear’ by his friends, survived this crash.

Lt. Steve Preston, with Florida Highway Patrol said the, "Tractor trailer failed to see the construction vehicles in time to stop, and the end result was the trailer rear ended the patrol cars."

The 18-wheeler apparently didn't as much rear end the trooper’s vehicle as much as it removed most of the driver’s side of the car. Brown was moving during the accident, trailing behind a crew working on rumble strips along the interstate.

Brown was airlifted to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center with a badly broken arm and injuries to his back and shoulder with possible internal bleeding. This incident speaks to the types of danger a trooper faces.

Lt. Preston added, "Day in and out one of the most dangerous things people do is drive and for the FHP, that's part of our daily operations is driving."

Brown actually received the Trooper of the Year Award 2005 and made a lot of friends through his career. Many are hoping the big guy can be back on the highways soon.

At last report from medical center officials, Brown is in surgery at the moment. We'll have more information on his condition Thursday night on News 4 at 10PM.