Jury Mooning

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A defendant who once shouted "cuckoo" and then dropped his pants to moon a jury has again been convicted of attacking his girlfriend during a retrial.

Cornell Jackson could face up to 33 years in prison when sentenced tomorrow. That's the penalty he received after two earlier trials in which convictions later were reversed because he didn't get formal competency hearings.

Jackson is accused of attacking Kisha Smith on consecutive days in 2000 with a boxcutter. His lawyers argue he was legally insane during the attacks. Two mental health experts have testified that Jackson has a personality disorder, but agreed he can still distinguish right from wrong or appreciate the consequences of his action.

One concluded he wasn't insane at the time of the crimes and the other said it was possible but unlikely.

Jackson has said he battles demons. He refused to attend his first trial and was removed from his second in 2003 after he bared his buttocks.