Dothan Preps For Dennis

The city of Dothan wants to be thoroughly prepared in the event Hurricane Dennis heads our way.

City Manager Mike West held a special meeting Thursday morning with all city department heads to check the status of hurricane preparations.

All city employee vacations have been postponed and everyone has been put on 24 hour standby. In case the city loses power, generators located around Dothan are on standby.

City employees have been working on the emergency generator for the relay tower at Westgate and checking out the emergency generators at the fire stations, Civic Center, jail and other places.

Though the city may have its “i’s” dotted and “t's” crossed in its preparation of Hurricane Dennis, a couple of events at Westgate Park might have to wait. One is the swim meet and the other is a kid’s tennis tournament. Kids from around the U.S. are coming to compete in this tennis tournament and there is concern because it starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday and Hurricane Dennis is predicted to be in the area by this weekend.
Even then park officials say they have alternate plans for the kids.

If Dennis hits the city with too much severe weather, Dothan’s planned election for Tuesday, July 12th may have to be postponed until the 2nd Tuesday in August. The problem there, schools are back in session and several schools are used as polling places.

Officials advise residents to stock up on food, water and any medications they might need.