El Patio Restaurant

An Enterprise restaurant owner says his business is off more than 70-percent following reports of a goat being slaughtered in the kitchen.

Coffee County Health Department Inspector Wanda Edberg met with El Patio owner, Angel Vallalla, for a re-inspection of the kitchen.

Edberg says everything checks out just fine.

Last week, Vallalla says he was out-of-town when an employee brought the goat in and he says that employee has since been fired.

The restaurant has been in Enterprise for the last seven years.

A business spokesperson says El Patio has always prided itself on fine food and that's a family tradition.

Eve Valencia says “Always we do real well with our customers, we're sorry for any problem...it was a mistake, we apologize, and any controversy that's been going on.”

El Patio employees say the goat matter has created unfounded rumors throughout the community.

They say the animal was never intended for any customers and it will never happen again.