Covington County Jail Security Tightened

Changes are underway to make Covington County Jail more secure after recent escapes.

It's been three months since three inmates escaped from the Covington County Jail through the air ducts. Now the sheriff is tightening security with reinforced air ducts with metal, steel and stronger rebar on the outside.

They have hired a night time security guard, added two extra guards in each pod, and are adding more security cameras.

Capacity at the jail is 132 inmates and right now there are 230 inmates in the jail.

In an attempt to reduce the overcrowding, the district attorney is taking an aggressive approach to settling cases quickly.

Helen Johnson has worked at the pre-school next to the jail for 10 years and she is happy with the jail's tighter security, but isn't sure if it will keep inmates from escaping.

At least with the changes it will be more difficult next time.

Escaped inmate Oscar Doster who escaped three months ago for the second time was found in Bakersfield, California and is currently in the Mobile County Metro Jail.

In Covington County, along with escape charges, he faces murder charges from 2002 when he escaped the first time and allegedly killed a Gantt man.

Texas officials say they are pressing murder charges against Doster also after a retired deputy sheriff was found beaten and shot to death.

Sheriff Clark says he hopes they bring Doster back to Covington County so they can try him on the Gantt murder then send him to state prison.