Idaho Missing Children Update

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Shasta Groene's (GROH'-neez) grandmother says no one in her family had ever seen Joseph Duncan before he was arrested with the little girl on Saturday.

And Darlene Torres tells C-B-S that Duncan shouldn't have been out on the street. He's a convicted sex offender on the run from an earlier child molestation count. Now he's charged with two kidnapping counts.

Torres says she's surprised Duncan brought Shasta back to her home town seven weeks after she and her brother Dylan disappeared. She says "it's almost like he wanted to get caught."

Dylan Groene is still missing but authorities fear human remains they've recovered are those of the little boy.

Authorities say in court documents that the two children were molested.

The children were reported missing in mid-May when their mother, older brother and mother's boyfriend were found bound and bludgeoned to death.