School Dress Code Enforced

Dothan city high students are going back to class with a stricter dress code.

The school board came out with a revised code of conduct, one which specifically targets male students.

It's an issue kids have been dealing with for years, dress code policy.

It primarily affects female students, not allowing spaghetti straps, requiring more fabric than skin and thicker soles on shoes.

But this new revision is now cracking down on boys, which is good news to some of their classmates.

Student Tahmara Gernt says, "I do agree with the new dress code. I believe young men should tuck in their shirts because it makes them look nicer and classy and that's how we should look in school."

The male students will also be required to wear their pants around their waist and secure them with a belt, if needed.

Northview High School Principal Ron Snell says "obviously we're interested in decency and modesty. And kids are going to behave the way they look. If they look raggedy, they'll act raggedy."

But it's also a safety issue and a form of education that Dothan city schools is hoping will prepare the students for professionalism.

Snell says "you try to teach a kid in every way you can--not just reading, writing and arithmetic--but also how to act, how to carry yourself, how to this is a part of it."

And student Will Maccabe says "I agree with that. It just goes with the impression; he wants to make the best impression because Northview is the school of champions."

And it's an idea officials want to spread among the entire school system.

For details on the dress code, visit the school system's "Code of Conduct" Web site, by logging onto