Florida Governor Considers Bill to Alter Election Laws

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TALLAHASSEE, FL - Governor Bush is expected to sign three elections bills tomorrow, that among other things, create a 20 million dollar spending cap for gubernatorial candidates. The legislation would also limit early voting to eight hours on weekdays and weekends over a 15-day period before Election Day.

However, Bush is pondering another measure that would eliminate
the runoff primary election. But there are concerns about some of the changes. The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida wants Bush to veto two of the bills they claim restrict the ability of third parties
to conduct voter registration activities. The A-C-L-U also questions a provision giving the state Division of Elections authority to purge the felons list rather than individual county supervisors.

The measure that would limit early voting to eight hours a day
on week days gives supervisors flexibility to choose an eight-hour
period between the hours of 7 a-m and 7 p-m as long as the time was
the same each day. It would also limit early voting to a total of
eight hours each weekend. Previously, early voting sites were required to be open for at least eight hours each day.

The measure also expands the present 50 foot "no solicitation"
zone to 100-feet, designed to keep partisans carrying campaign
signs and other Election Day advocates further from polling sites.