Card-holders Should Carefully Monitor Accounts

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AT RISK: Up to 40 million credit card accounts of various companies could have been exposed to fraud that was tracked by MasterCard to CardSystems Solutions. MasterCard said only about 68,000 of its 13.9 million accounts with CardSystems were considered to be at high risk. It was not immediately clear how many of the other accounts were considered at high risk.

BOTTOM LINE: Card holders are urged to carefully monitor their statements for unauthorized activity and to contact the issuing banks if there are questions or concerns. If fraud is found, issuing banks may provide a new card number and new card to the customer.

GOOD NEWS: By federal law, credit card holders are liable for no
more than 50 dollars of unauthorized charges. MasterCard and some
other companies offer zero liability to customers on fraud.

IDENTITY SAFE: Information used in identity theft, including Social Security numbers and dates of birth, is not stored with credit card accounts.