Country Crossing Update

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Concerned citizens have voiced their opinions to the Houston County Commission regarding the multi-million dollar Country Crossing project.

Some feel the project has taken off too fast, too soon and that the charity bingo element will bring crime to the county.

Others say they're skeptical of how much of the money will be going to charities.

County Commission Chairman Mark Culver has addressed those concerns to the developers and asked that they speak to their investors and come up with an answer for the public.

"This morning, I received confirmation that Country Crossing has agreed to make a contribution to charities of Houston County annually if necessary, to make sure that at least $2 million dollars a year is distributed to education and charitable organizations in our county," Culver said Monday.

This is a statement that will hopefully ease the minds of Wiregrass residents concerned with charity bingo.

Country Crossing's annual $2 million dollar contribution is going to be dispersed to schools, senior citizens and those less fortunate.

Experts are pushing the tremendous impact the project will have.

Billy Graham, VP of Acquisitions & Finance at Ronnie Gilley Properties said, "It’s going to be enormous. I know a lot of people are fussing about the charity bingo, but that bingo basically acts as a facilitator and brings traffic into the venues because a lot of people in this state are playing in Alabama and like bingo. So, that traffic will get people to eat, and go to the shows."

Other business owners are excited to see the project take off because that will mean more traffic through their businesses.

Kevin Crew, of Texaco Convenience Stores said, "The jobs I’ve heard, it’s unreal, the amount of people coming here. It’s something that Houston County needs. We need to be progressive and keep growing. We got to grow for the opportunity of people to come to our area."

Meanwhile, many people are still left wondering why there is a hold up on purchasing the land.

"Obviously, since larger tracks are agricultural land, we're trying to track down heirs that have owned the land their whole life, in their families and trying to contact realtors,” Graham added. “So, it’s been quite a task."

Developers are still remaining tight lipped about the location, but they have said they’re aiming to catch the traffic of beach-goers traveling to the gulf.

Billy Graham also says that the two pieces of land they are looking at for the project will both be signed if possible. That way, there will be more room for expansion in the future.

The two properties are not adjacent, but within a few miles of each other.

It has also been released that the location of Country Crossing will not be within Dothan city limits.

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