Scrushy's Future

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Richard Scrushy may have more legal battles to face despite his acquittal on charges of leading a more than $2 billion earnings overstatement at HealthSouth.

Aside from a lawsuit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the fired chief executive officer is named in at least 61 other federal lawsuits filed in Birmingham over the massive fraud.

Scrushy has hinted that he may try to return to his old job at HealthSouth or at least trying to force the company to pay his multimillion dollar legal bills, moves that could mean more lawsuits.

The company, which Scrushy founded in 1984, said he was removed properly in 2003 and is not welcome back.

A federal jury Tuesday rejected claims by government prosecutors that Scrushy led a seven-year fraud at HealthSouth and acquitted him on 36 counts.

A spokesman for Scrushy said he is working with his private development company and will continue to appear on his Christian-themed TV program.