186th Engineer Company Celebrates Homecoming

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The 186th Engineer Company out of Dothan was recognized Sunday during a Freedom Salute Ceremony.

The Freedom Salute Campaign began in 2003 by the Army National Guard.

Major Command Sergeant Wille Lowery, with the 62nd Troop said it was, "Designed to celebrate the service of the Alabama National Guard and the members for their great work and dedication to their country and community."

Each soldier received a cased American flag and other items including a commemorative coin, and lapel pins.

Family members were also given special gifts in recognition of their support toward the Army.

The soldiers were welcomed home last October at Fort Buntin-Parson Armory in Dothan, and needed some time to adjust to civilian life.

Sergeant Lowery said, “Once soldiers re-deploy we have them go through what is known as re-frag or to check the soldiers and make sure they're alright; that they don't have any issues, and if so, we can get that taken care of to have them back to serving our country."

Though they are back home with their families, these soldiers still have a strong sense of dedication to the Army.

Commander Colonel Danny Speigner, with the 62nd Troop said, "They are going to begin training and be prepared for whatever the governor or president of the United States asks them to do."

While on mission, they built roads, barriers and forward operating units in Kuwait and Iraq.

Mayor Pat Thomas was also in attendance to give the soldiers a special thanks for fighting for our country and representing the city of Dothan

The 186th Engineer Company will have at least a 30 month down period before going up for possible deployment.

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