Prescription Card Could Save You Up to 75% on Prescriptions

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According to the group Breast Health Access for Woman with Disabilities, prescription drug spending has jumped up 15 percent annually in the past few years. But now, there is a program that could help reduce the costs by up to 75 percent.

Pat Evans is used to visiting the pharmacy in Dothan, to fill up monthly prescriptions. "Mine and my husbands both probably total up to over $300 a month," she says.

Just like many residents who fill up their prescriptions, Evans isn't shocked by the rising costs of the drugs. But a new program is helping lower the costs.

Dothan Pharmacist Lori Kirklend said, "There's a new prescription drug program [where] you can go online to; you're able to put in your own individual information and print out an actual coupon for the customer for a discount on your medications."

The Alabama Prescription Card Program began in November.

All Alabamians, both insured and uninsured can go to the website and print out a free card.

"Sometimes it takes a little time to see if your actual prescriptions are going to be, if it’s gonna’ benefit you from your actual prescription,” Kirklend adds. “But it helps you in the long run trying to cut down on the costs because obviously the cost of medications is going up."

There are over 50,000 national and regional pharmacies involved in the program.

It’s an advantage Evans says is great for those who shell out hundreds each month. "I know it will help a lot of the elderly people and that's really who need to help.”

The program is free to all Alabamians.

More than 60,000 have already printed the card and are putting it to use, keeping that extra cash in their pocket

Click the link below to find out more.

Also, anyone who does not have access to the Internet can visit any of Alabama’s Food World, Food Max, Bruno's, Winn-Dixie or K-Mart and they can process their prescriptions through the program.

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