Spring Break Traffic Blitz

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It’s spring break time! As many college and high school students head to the Florida beaches, Dothan becomes a major thoroughfare.

In a program started three years ago, the Dothan Police Department is regulating the increased traffic by adding six patrol units a day. That's on top of the 20-24 units already on the street.

"We try to step up patrols to lower the amount of accidents we have. In the past three years, it's had a significant decrease in the amount of traffic accidents," says Sgt. Anthony Westberry, with the Dothan Police Department.

Police aren't looking to set up any checkpoints to catch the law breakers; instead, they will be stopping speeders, impaired drivers, and seat belt violators.

"The main thing we need to focus on is to obey all traffic laws, be courteous to other drivers and be patient because of the increased drivers. There's going to be a little bit of a backup," says Westberry.

With the blitz lasting more than a month, the department says a grant by the Southeast Alabama Regional Highway Safety Office will help absorb some of the overtime costs.

The Dothan Police Department’s Spring Break Blitz officially started on Friday.

It will run through April 12th.

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