Second Shark Attack

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A shark attacked and critically injured a teenage boy off Florida's Panhandle today, two days after a shark fatally bit a 14-year-old Louisiana girl about 80 miles away.

The boy's age and name aren't immediately known. He was bitten off Cape San Blas and was taken to Bay Medical Center in Panama City this morning. It isn't known what part of his body was bitten.

Cape San Blas is a narrow spit of land protruding into the Gulf of Mexico from Gulf County, about 80 miles southwest of Tallahassee.

The cape is a popular vacation destination more than 80 miles east of the area where 14-year-old Jamie Marie Daigle was fatally injured by a shark Saturday.

Erich Ritter is with the Shark Attack Institute. He told reporters that the bite marks indicate the girl was likely attacked by a bull shark that was about 6 feet long.