Sandestin Shark Attack

Sandestin Shark Attack
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An autopsy will be performed Monday on the 14-year-old girl who was killed by a shark on Saturday.

Beaches reopened yesterday with extra lifeguards along a stretch of the Florida Panhandle coast where the attack occurred. Coastal residents reported seeing at least one shark hunting fish close to shore.

Jamie Marie Daigle of Gonzales, Louisiana, was swimming on a boogie board with her friend Felicia Venable at least 100 yards from shore in the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the rescuers said he heard screams for help and saw Daigle's boogie board, but no rider. He rushed into the water and found the unconscious girl being towed by a surfer on his board.

With help from other swimmers, they brought Daigle to shore in a raft with the shark underfoot. Venable swam to shore.

As a memorial for Daigle, a boogie board, a magnolia and painted sand dollars were placed under a green tent. Someone had written "Bless U" in the sand.