Family Dollar Store Lawsuit

TUSCALOOSA, AL - A federal court jury began deliberations Friday in a suit brought by about 1,400 former and current Family Dollar store managers who claim they're owed back pay for working overtime.

The suit claims the managers of the North Carolina-based discount stores are owed as much as 48 million dollars. That amount could be doubled if the chain is found to have acted intentionally to violate federal labor law.

The jury recessed after a day of deliberations and will return Monday morning. The suit expanded after being filed in 2001 by Janice Morgan of
Childersburg, Alabama. It contends the managers should not be exempt from overtime because their duties have little to do with management and fit the description of hourly employees.

Family Dollar says the managers are properly paid because their duties include hiring and training employees, as well as overseeing customer service and the "financial performance" of the store.