Reward Offered for Return of Stolen Items

A Wiregrass business owner is offering a $500 cash reward, for anyone who knows the whereabouts of some stolen tools.

The Antique and Flea Market was burglarized earlier this month. The thief took tools, jewelry and other goods valued at more than $4,000. Allegedly, the burglar dug a hole in a back wall of the warehouse, and snuck in. The owner says the thief even rested on the fleamarket's couches, and drank sodas, and left the opened cans on the floor.

Rebecca Parrish, co-owner of the business says, “Well, we just felt kind of invaded, because it was our property that we'd work to get. And it was the idea that someone would just take it from us. We've been over here a pretty good while and never had any problems."

Police have strong leads about the case, but are still investigating.