Smoochies Ice Cream

Not many businesses offer ice cream like grandma used to make, but there's still at least one local shop where you can find it.

If you want homemade ice cream, "Smoochie's" in Enterprise is where people as far as Texas have driven just for a taste.

"Smoochies" are not just kisses anymore, but also the name of a popular ice cream shop in the Wiregrass that is attracting people from all over.

Owner Lisa Miller explains where she came up with the "Smoochie's" name.

"Smoochie’s" makes at least 16 different homemade flavors of ice cream and that's every single day.

It takes Lisa about a minute and 20 seconds to make each waffle cone by hand and about 15 minutes to make five gallons of ice cream. She frequently experiments to come up with new flavors. One of her latest creations was "Almond Joy."

Before long, Lisa plans to sell homemade ice cream cakes.