Construction Company Theft

Dale County authorities are looking for a man who burglarized a construction company and then reportedly faked his own death and then fled town.

A man that burglarized a construction company about two months ago is still on the loose and police want the public's help in finding him.

Carl Odom is wanted for the March burglary.

Odom was working on an Ozark construction site when he reportedly broke into the company's office trailer where management stored all of their equipment overnight.

The burglar opened with a key and then broke the window from the inside out. Sixteen-thousand dollars worth of tools and equipment were taken and Odom is no where to be found.

Odom had been working for the company for about a year.

Some say it may be hard to find Odom because police say he tried to fake his own death and is still on the run. A phone call had been made to his family that he had died in a hospital in Birmingham, but WTVY secured that information and they said they knew nothing about it. And neither did his former employer.

Odom weighs around 235 pounds and is just over six feet tall. According to police, Odom has an extensive criminal background and has been arrested and convicted for several felonies in the past.

His former employer knew Odom had a previous run in with the police, but say they were trying to give him another chance.

Police have now tracked the stolen tools to a pawn shop in North Alabama.

Officials believe Odom is hiding out somewhere in Mississippi.

Dale County Crime Stoppers are offering a one-thousand dollar reward. If you have any information about this case, call police at 774-9999.