Alabama Missing Girl In Aruba

Missing Natalee Holloway
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Police in Aruba and the stepfather of a missing Alabama teenager said she met a Dutch student arrested in her disappearance at the casino of her hotel and flirted with him.

Aruba's prime minister said finding 18-year-old Natalee Holloway was the number one goal on the island. Dozens of volunteers, including police and military personnel, conducted more searches.

An official close to the investigation said police, acting on a tip called in last night rushed to an animal cemetery. There, they found the remains of a dog.

Holloway's stepfather, George Twitty, told The Associated Press that he met with the three detainees Tuesday morning, and they told him they had been with Natalee at a nightclub restaurant Sunday night, shortly before she disappeared.

Authorities have not said Holloway was a victim of foul play and have not ruled out any possibilities, including that she may have drowned.

The Aruba government and local tourism organizations have offered a 20-thousand dollar reward for information leading to Holloway's rescue, her family and benefactors in Alabama have offered an additional 30-thousand dollars.