Proposed I-10 Connectors (MAP)

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Traffic congestion on the roadway seems to be more common to Midland City resident Tiffany Dumford. "You dread going to town now anymore,” she says. “Traffic [is] so bad and there's always an accident somewhere."

That’s why Dumford isn't too excited about one of the I-10 main connectors that is proposed to pick up in her town. "I dread it because the speed limit will be faster, up to 60, 65 miles per hour,” she adds. “People don't pay attention to traffic now, so it’s going to be even worse."

231 North in Midland City is one of the proposed areas as a main connector. It would go all the way to 231 South at the Florida state line.

Three entrance and exit ramps are also proposed for the highway.

Mike Griffin, with the Alabama Dept. of Transportation said, "It will cross 84 and be a major interchange at U.S. 84, AL 52 down near Taylor; that'll be a major interchange there. Another one [will be] down at 109 that'll go down from there to the FL line."

Griffin says the department is wrapping up one step of the project and is already working on another. "We're actually working on some preliminary designs,” he says. “We're down there,

Griffin says it may take up to 10 or more years to completely finish the project. It’s a time span Dumford says she doesn't mind waiting for.

Griffin says there will be more meetings in the future for the public to attend to allow them to voice their opinions and suggestions on the project.

Proposed I-10 Connectors MAP

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