Local Enterprise Community's Spirits Up One Year Later

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With praise and hope, Enterprise community members turned a day of mourning into a day of celebration.

City of Enterprise Councilman William Cooper said, "You gonna’ have storms in your life, but there are times when you say we can reconstruct and we can bring it back together. This way, it gives us a chance as a community to come back together and to say thank you Lord for bringing us this far."
Cooper took part in Saturday’s Baptist Hill rededication.

Residents of Baptist Hill gathered to honor those whose lives where lost last year and also celebrate for what they have now and hope to bring in the future.

Baptist Hill Resident Alfrord Johnson said, "People over here on Baptist Hill, they have worked diligently ever since March 1st of last year to better the community and bring the people back home."

Baptist Hill has been Johnson’s home for 50 years.

He says the rededication gives everyone a glimpse of hope that his community will soon be built back to the way he remembers it, giving young ones a chance to appreciate it just as he did when he was a child.

"We are looking forward to more coming back to the Baptist Hill Community and rebuilding and replenishing Baptist Hill as we use to know it,” Johnson added.

Cooper feels the same and says through the devastation and tragedy rose unity among many.

Baptist Hill community members also held a moment of silence Saturday afternoon during the rededication to honor the nine people who lost their lives during the tornado.

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