New Census Surveys Not Returned

BIRMINGHAM, AL - The Census Bureau is mailing out a new detailed survey to thousands of Alabama households.

The 20 page American Community Survey asks for details like the names, birth dates, sex, age and race of everyone living in a home, how many bedrooms and cars a family has, the value of the home, as well as particulars on every family member's education, possible disabilities, work history and income.

Spokeswoman Shelly Lowe said about one-third of the Alabama households are not filling out the surveys and mailing them back. She said that puts Alabama in the bottom 20 percent of states for responding. She said when people fail to respond, the agency follows up with phone calls or a visit by a census employee. The survey will be sent to about 4,200 Alabama households each month, or about 51,000 in a year's time.

The form is used to conduct a count of the U.S. population as required by the Constitution.