CitiFinancial Data

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Atlanta-based courier UPS has lost computer tapes with the Social Security numbers and payment histories of almost $4 million Citigroup customers, the latest in a series of data losses or breaches that have embarrassed financial institutions.

CitiFinancial, the consumer finance division of Citigroup Inc., said Monday it has begun notifying some 3.9 million U.S. customers that information about their accounts was lost by UPS in transit to a credit bureau.

The bank says the tapes contained information about both active and closed accounts at CitiFinancial's branch network. It said they did not contain information from CitiFinancial Auto, CitiFinancial Mortgage or any other Citigroup business.

According to a statement, CitiFinancial, "had no reason to believe that this information has been used inappropriately, nor has it received any reports of unauthorized activity."