Harris Trial

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The prosecution's key witness in the capital murder retrial of Wesley Devone Harris admitted Monday that she once told Harris she wanted her family dead for sexually abusing her. But Janice Ball later told the court she was never assaulted.

Defense attorneys for Harris presented a series of letters from his girlfriend Janis Ball, which were written about nine months before the August 2002 killings of her grandmother, parents and three brothers.

Ball testified Saturday that she had either seen or heard Harris kill her family at her rural farm in Rutledge. She said she went into hiding with him for three days because she feared for her life and their one-year-old daughter.

A defense attorney attacked Ball's credibility Monday and argued that the alleged abuse and the letters gave Ball a motive to be involved in the killings. Ball also testified that her mother and grandmother had threatened to take custody of the baby.

During questioning by a prosecutor, Ball said despite her shaky relationship with relatives, she still loved her family.