Dothan Personnel Board Hearing

A Dothan personnel board hearing focused on claims of racial discrimination in the city's magistrate office.

Angie Mary Turner contested her termination, a termination that came after she allegedly fixed someone's traffic ticket.

Miss Turner says the color of her skin is the real reason she lost her job.

For the second day in a row, a white former magistrate accuses Judge Rose Evans Gordon of racial discrimination during a personnel board hearing. But during this appeal proceeding, the former employee has trouble proving that allegation.

Attorney Ishmael Jaffree presented virtually no evidence of any racial discrimination happening in the magistrate office. Turner didn't even testify. So instead, he tried establishing Mary Turner's innocence saying there is no proof that she in fact fixed traffic tickets, the reason given for her termination.

And he does have a point. Judge Gordon did terminate Turner after an internal investigation that was primarily based on testimony from the Phelps family. They say Turner promised Bradley Phelps she would "take care of" a speeding ticket if he fixed her roof. After he couldn't get around to it, she made the ticket re-appear.

On the witness stand, Judge Gordon said the family's testimony was so credible, it played a big role in getting Turner fired.

And in a surprising admission, it looks like contesting the Phelps' testimony was the only thing on Turner's mind when she approached her attorney, not the race card.

Now the personnel board must examine transcripts and all the evidence presented to them. A ruling could take weeks.

Mary Beth Brackin and Nancy Martin are the two other former employees of the magistrate office claiming racial discrimination after they were terminated.