16 Roads Closed in Walton County

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The Walton County Sheriff’s Office reports that 16 roads in the county are closed due to damages.

The following list of closed roads has been confirmed by a deputy.

South Walton damaged roads

1.) Big Redfish Lake is flooded – Signs posted- citizen has reported soil eroding from under the pavement and washing out. Public Works is on the way with a sump pump.
2.) County Highway 30A at Big Redfish Lake – Road is closed from Red Fish Lake to County Hwy 283 at Grayton Corners.
3.) 100 Block of Spotted Dolphin Rd has no water on roadway.
4.) Intersection of Flounder St and Porpoise St – water washing up to a house. Barriers are placed each side of the flooding. Water is 1 inch to 1 foot deep.
5.) 10 Kingfish St - a hole has developed near a water main and fire hydrant, the hole and the utilities have been submerged for the duration of the day. The hole begins at the edge of the road and appears to have undermined the road. ***As of 0400, the hole is no longer collecting water drainage.
6.) Hillcrest Rd in Santa Rosa Beach, just behind Oyster Lake. Road is undermined and partially washed out. Both sides are open. Public Works has barriers up.
7.) Brown St. Water still under water approximately at the last 100 feet of the road.
8.) County 30A at Draper Lake there is a fresh piece of asphalt that has fallen under guard rail about 4 feet from fog line. Deputy put some cones that were nearby and not being used. Barriers are up.

North Walton damaged roads

1.) River Rd – water across road at bridge- not passable to end

Freeport damaged roads

1.) Big Cedar Road is not passable –water is just under bridge now but park and road are still underwater, but the water is receding.
2.) Choctawhatchee River Rd – Water has gone down but still over road. A truck can cross the road now not passable by car.
3.) Cowford Rd – At 2 mile mark, the road is under water. Road is not passable.
4.) Dead River Rd – Road blocked at about 2 miles and is still not passable
5.) Bay Grove Rd – No water on road , barricades are still up the pavement is still intact, but the ground underneath the pavement for 2-3 feet is washed away under the pavement the barricades are sitting on the unsecured pavement so no vehicles can drive over it.
6.) Pate Branch Rd – One side has been fixed. One side still is washed out. You do not need 4X4 to use road, is passable by car.
7.) Joyce Rd.- the water is receding, but there are ruts in the road.

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