Brackin Termination Hearing

A former city of Dothan employee says her boss terminated her because of the color of her skin.

But this isn't your usual discrimination allegation. Mary Beth Brackin is white and her former supervisor, Judge Rose Evans Gordon is black.

Judge Rose Evans Gordon has terminated several white employees in her tenure, including Mary Beth Brackin. And Brackin thinks that's no accident.

Brackin alleged in her personnel board hearing Wednesday that unfair treatment came after she admittedly went against Judge Gordon’s orders at one point in her employment, an action that cost her job. But, Brackin said it was one isolated mistake, and a “ticky-tack excuse” for firing her. Something she says Judge Gordon had been trying to do for a long time, because she favored blacks.

Miss Brackin’s representation was completely depending on illustrating a pattern for the board. A pattern that shows Judge Gordon making racially motivated personnel decisions. The problem is, most of that argument depended on testimony coming straight from Miss Brackin herself. After the hearing, her attorney made even more allegations.

City Attorney Len White thinks the city's case is so strong; it’s a basic open, shut case.

Miss Brackin is not alone in her allegations. She is one of three white former city of Dothan employees who say Judge Gordon discriminated against them.