Runaway Bride-Wilbanks Indicted

Run-A-Way Bride
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Jennifer Wilbanks faces two charges for her very public case of cold feet last month before her wedding.

Gwinnett County, Georgia, District Attorney Danny Porter says a grand jury has returned an indictment on one felony and one misdemeanor charge against Wilbanks for claiming she'd been abducted and sexually assaulted.

The felony charge of false statement carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail and a ten-thousand-dollar fine. The misdemeanor of filing a false police report can yield a 12-month sentence and thousand-dollar fine.

Porter says "sympathy" doesn't play a part in deciding what charges to file against Wilbanks. But, he says it can affect the outcome of the case.

In a news conference, Porter said he's in contact with Wilbanks' lawyer, but won't say if they are negotiating a deal.

Porter says, "There has to be a consequence for lying to the police."