Dothan High School Fire Arrests

Firefighters and police officers increased their presence at Dothan High School shortly before the end of the school year after a series of attempted fires at the school.

Police and firefighters say the perpetrators probably thought it was just a prank, though it wasn’t.

Two juveniles are now charged in connection with those crimes.

Fortunately, those fires didn't hurt anyone, but easily could have, which is why two sixteen year old Dothan High School students will now face a judge, not just the principal. Attempted arson is a Class B Felony.

We are not able to release the identity of the suspects because they are minors, but Dr. Hobbs says that in any of these cases, Dothan City Schools will not only hold someone to the code of conduct, but prosecute them in the legal arena as well.

The two fires for which the teenagers are charged occurred on April 20 and 25 of this year.