Dead Bills

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Some bills that died on Monday, final day of 2005 session of Legislature would have:

  • Banned the transfer of campaign contributions from one political action committee to another.
  • Prohibited the practice of "pass-through pork," which involves hiding money in a state agency so that it can later be used for a project in a legislator's district.
  • Moved Alabama's presidential preference primary from June to the first Saturday after the New Hampshire primary.
  • Required every school district in the state to levy at least a 10-mill property tax for education.
  • Appropriated $20.55 million to Alabama prisons for remainder of current fiscal year to help meet payroll.
  • Removed racist language from the Alabama Constitution.
  • Made qualified withdrawals from the state's 529 college-savings plan exempt from Alabama income taxes.
  • Made American Sign Language an official foreign language in Alabama schools.
  • Required nonprofit organizations to disclose their source of funding for buying advertising to influence the vote on a referendum.
  • Provided $250,000 in life insurance to every member of the Alabama National Guard or reservist from the state deployed for overseas duty.
  • Given Alabama a new official insect by replacing the monarch butterfly with the queen honey bee.
  • Required convicted sex offenders to register with the sheriff within seven days of moving into a community rather than the 30 days currently required.