Sex Offenders-Viagra

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Alabama Medicaid officials say they're taking immediate action now that the federal government has told states they don't have to offer Viagra to sex offenders.

The federal government changed its policy this week after audits showed that 198 sex offenders had been reimbursed for erectile dysfunction drugs in New York since 2000. Florida officials say 218 sex offenders received the drugs in that state over the last four years.

Before the change, federal law required all states to provide Medicaid coverage for erectile dysfunction drugs to anyone who qualified.

Alabama officials say only two sex offenders in the state were reimbursed for such drugs in 2004. But Alabama Medicaid Director Carol Herrmann says now her agency will take immediate action to ensure no more sex offenders receive the drugs.

Herrmann says that because of the new policy, Alabama, “can and will deny this coverage for registered sex offenders."