Chancellor's Raise

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The state school board has approved a plan to raise the compensation of two-year college system Chancellor Roy Johnson by nearly 22-percent percent to $241,600.

The nine-member board voted 6 to 2 Thursday to raise Johnson's salary and benefits.

Board members who supported the raise said they were concerned over talk of Johnson possibly succeeding Paul Hubbert, executive secretary of the Alabama Education Association, who recently had heart surgery. But Johnson said that he is not looking for another job and did not ask for a raise.

Board members Stephanie Bell of Montgomery and Betty Peters of Dothan voted against the pay package. Peters said any extra money needs to go to classrooms.

The new contract raises Johnson's base salary by $3,592 to $202,000 and for the first time, gives him a $3,600 annual expense allowance and an $18,000 housing allowance.

Johnson was hired to lead the two-year system in 2002.