Local Dog Shelter Needs Repairs

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Lil’ Tykes Rescue and Adoption Dog Shelter in Daleville takes in small breed dogs from across the Wiregrass.

Ever since the March 1st Tornado hit, the facility has been functioning in close quarters.

Strong winds damaged the building's roof, forcing the dogs to be piled into a small room.

"We've got them crammed up front. If we could only have the back fixed up, then they could be back there with more space, it would be better for everybody,” says April Gales, president and owner of Lil’ Tykes.

Every dog at Lil’ Tykes is one hundred and fifty dollars. That includes them being spayed or neutered, heartburn prevention tests, and mandatory shots.

That means a lot of money goes into the care of these dogs, and a lot of dogs come through the shelter.

"We ran anywhere from 100-150 dogs a month, its kind of scary to know that many small breed dogs are unwanted, but its a fact,” says Gales.

And only 15-30 of those dogs are adopted per month.

The shelter is run by volunteers and coming up in March, a yard sale will be held to raise money for the shelter. You can donate items to be sold at the sale or money to help with the shelter's immediate needs by calling the number (334)-598-2473.

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