Wiregrass Red Cross Response to the Southern Tornadoes

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Help is on the way for Alabama tornado victims from right here in the Wiregrass.

The Wiregrass Chapter of the Red Cross mobilized and headed out to help victims in storm ravaged Prattville, Alabama.

Four volunteers from the area are assisting Red Cross volunteers at the scene.

Red Cross Disaster Services Director Carla Paulk said, “Two of them are emergency relief vehicle drivers and two are people who take our emergency relief vehicle out into the affected areas and they deliver supplies [and] do mobile feeding. Supplies may include clean up kits, tarps for roofs; just depends on what the need is in that area.”

One of the volunteers deployed to northern Alabama, just got back from helping victims of the tornadoes in Tennessee.

He says he actually drove through the latest storm and could tell it was bad, but he didn't realize it would be this severe.

Red Cross Volunteer Larry Mims said, “After the 11 days I came home and had me one good night’s sleep; then I’m going right back to Prattville for possibly five days. We're going to work that tornado.”

Volunteers say it's all in a day’s work and definitely worth it to help victims so close to home.

The Red Cross is always looking for volunteers to help out with disasters that occur in our area.

They also need financial help to continue their services to victims.

If you would like to donate your time or your money, you can contact them through their website, redcross.org or call them at 334-792-9852.

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