Sunday Night Storm Leaves Ariton Family Without a Home

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The same system that hit the Prattville area also caused damage in the Wiregrass.

An Ariton family is without a home, after falling victim to Sunday night's severe weather.

Monday’s Mother Nature jungle gym was Sunday night’s nightmare to the Adams family.

Kerry Adams and his family have lived in Ariton for eight years.

He says when the wind began to pick up, that’s when he realized he needed to get his family in a safe area of the home. "It started getting’ real dark and [the] wind started picking up and got, like, scary and I told the kids, ‘we need to go in there with their mama and try to find a safe place’."

The winds picked up to about 50 miles per hour, crushing the Adams kitchen and the very room they were in.

"I knew when we got up off the floor, I just knew that some of us were gonna’ be seriously hurt; I was just, I couldn't believe that none of us [were seriously hurt]; just a [few] scratches; it was a miracle."

Dale County E.M.A Director Rob Marsh says the storms carry a high prevalence in the spring time, and says there are things you can do to be better prepared if one strikes. "You want to make sure that any dead trees and stuff around the house, you want to get rid of that kind of stuff."

Marsh also says to invest in a NOAA Radio.

He says having up to date information about the storms could mean the difference between life and death. "You gotta’ be prepared for tornados at any time because they can come from anywhere, anytime, with little warning sometimes."

Adams says this unfortunate situation has better prepared him if there is a next, and says though he may have lost his home, he still has the most important thing to him: his family.

Marsh says getting a NOAA Radio is one of the best investments you can make. He says you can find them anywhere from Wal-Mart to Radio Shack.

A good one will run you just under $50 dollars; just a small price to pay for your safety.

The Red Cross is helping the Adams family.

They do have insurance on their home; however, they say it will most likely cover the note and repairs that were made before the storm.

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