Interstate Connector Update

The Alabama Department of Transportation said a downtown route for the Interstate 10 Connector just isn't feasible. But the Save Dothan Group said not so fast.

DOT's Director sent a letter to Dothan Mayor Chester Sowell. It said, despite the study done by the URS Corporation for the City of Dothan, there are too many problems with the downtown route.

Some of those issues include close proximity to historical sites, high cost and inadequate room on right-of-ways.

Mayor Sowell said he's happy the DOT is moving forward with selecting a route.

However, Jerry Richards of the Save Dothan Group, agues that Alabama's DOT has been against a downtown route from the beginning.

URS Corporation is planning to respond to the DOT's claims. The DOT hopes to have a final decision on an Interstate 10 Connector route by March of 2003.