Temik Insecticide Poisoning

Men and women who make their living off the land and off their livestock can't understand this kind of crime.

Two weeks ago WTVY reported disturbing pictures from the second cattle poisoning. The same kind of insecticide was used in both crimes.

Police don't think the two incidents are related, but they do think they were intentional.

It’s been two weeks since almost 50 cows were poisoned in Jackson County Florida with the deadly Temik Insecticide.

In January, another livestock in Houston County was depleted after their cattle were poisoned with Temik.

This is only the second Temik poisoning in the last twenty years.

It’s not easy for farmers to get their hands on the insecticide used for peanut and cotton
crops, a license is required. But like anything else, if someone wants it bad enough they can find a way to get it.

Ed Jowers works at the Jackson County Agriculture Center and he says farmers realize the danger of Temik and are very careful using it.

So even though officials don't think the two instances are related, they do believe both were results of hate crimes not accidents.

If you have any information about the poisonings, call the Houston County Sheriff's Department.