State Audit Reveals Missing Coffee County Jail Funds

Local and state auditors are working to determine what happened to more than $50,000 from the Coffee County Jail's bank account.

In a news release, Coffee County Sheriff Dave Sutton says he, along with staff found discrepancies in jail bank accounts at which time, he requested an audit by the State Department of Examiners Office in Montgomery.

Coffee/Pike County District Attorney Gary McAliley says it was worse than expected.

An unnamed former coffee County Sheriff's Department employee is the center of the investigation.

Sheriff’s officials say nearly $3000 of the $50,000 disappeared between January and August 2007.

Sheriff’s officials say new bank accounts and procedures have been put in place in order to prevent any additional loss of public funds.

District Attorney McAliley says much of the case will go before a Coffee County grand jury this spring.

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