Dothan City Commission Meeting

A new housing development is in the works in Dothan and it has some area residents concerned.

In Tuesday’s Dothan City Commission meeting, some area resident's expressed their concerns about houses being built in an area they feel should be left alone.

Resident Chet Harris says, “The water from that area would contaminate a very pure water source.”

The area that Harris is talking about is, behind Richmond Park Subdivision where he lives.

An environmental buff, he says Northstar Environmental Services hasn't done any studies to see exactly what kind of land they're building on. Besides a creek, Chet believes there are possible American Indian artifacts and bones buried.

Commissioners believe if there's a burial site, and it’s developed, there could be a fine in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But, Northstar contends they're in the process of getting an archeologist to come out, and they already have received the go ahead from many environmental agencies.

The 8.67 acre area will have 37 lots.

Reportedly, the city has also done its own survey of the area. However, a decision to move forward with the development is pending.